Number of the Human - historical investigation

Vladimir Nikanorov

"Keep in mind that Jesus existed... And no evidence is required.
M. A. Bulgakov, Master and Margarita

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
William Shakespeare - "Prince Hamlet"

In the 18th verse (paragraph) of the 13th Chapter of revelation, John the Theologian wrote: He who has a mind, let him count the Number of the Beast, as the Number of the Human is. And his number is six hundred and sixty-six. That is how this number was written, since the positional decimal Arabic numeral system had not yet been used. And the Israelites counted up to a thousand, writing down the numerical values with the letters of their alphabet. The study and interpretation of Revelation have been going on for fifteen hundred years, since the famous interpretation of Archbishop Andrew of Caesarea (about 600th year). Accordingly, we had collected no less than hundreds of different translations. The entry of the 18th paragraph is taken from the translation of K. I. Logachev, based on the text of the majority- the text created by specialists - technologists by selecting options from various new Testament manuscripts in Greek, which have reached the twentieth century.

Many new Testament scholars believe that John's books were first written in Aramaic and then translated into ancient Greek. John, son of Salome, daughter of St. Joseph, "betrothed" of the virgin Mary, half-brother of Jesus, certainly knew the Torah in Hebrew (and perhaps by heart), as well as the Septuagint in Greek. Therefore, the style of Revelation is close to the style of the Old Testament. The language in which the original revelation was written is still unknown. As a result of numerous translations a record of the Number of Beast certainly had options, but now the given form is considered canonical.

It is pointless to argue with the works of hundreds of intelligent people, so we will analyze this canonical text. However, the text immediately caused many the following question: if the Number of the Beast is named, why should it be "counted", i.e. calculated, and the necessary condition is the presence of the mind for someone who calculates, as the initial data and boundary conditions for calculation contain the inherent Wisdom, i.e. a puzzle that needs to be solved.

The solutions proposed by different authors for fifteen hundred years are divided into three groups:

- in "Number" encrypted is the name, perhaps the Emperor Nero, as the numbers were written in the letters of the alphabet,

-in the "Number" written is some esoteric (hidden in the past) pattern known to the ancient prophets of Israel, and therefore the top priests, which included the kings. For example, king Solomon received from his mines in the year six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold.

-"Number" denotes a certain threshold ratio in human society of followers of Christ and his opponents, after the appearance of which chaos ensues.

The most detailed analysis of the last option was done by the specialist in the theory of stability of binary systems Andrey Osipov - Skullage. In his book the Great mysteries of the Apocalypse. Sources, mystification, reality, based on a number of binary oppositions found in Revelation: the Heavenly Liturgy is opposed by ungodly worship of the image of the Beast, etc., etc., he concluded that the number of Beasts is two-thirds of the whole, defining the boundary of the systemic stability of human society. It seems (according to the text of Revelation) that John was concerned about the ratio of the number of Christians and followers of the Antichrist, but whether he attracted in this respect numerical relations. And six hundred and sixty-six and six in the period after the decimal point is from the positional decimal Arab system, which was not available in the territory of Judea at that time, it appeared in the VI century in India.

According to a number of researchers in the Message to the seven churches John predicts the periods of life of the Christian Church throughout its existence. However, those who agreed with this, believed that the exact time limits cant be specified on the basis of Revelation. Anyway, if the number is of "human", it should characterize the humanity, i.e. either the number of people (the theory of Andrew Skorlyagin) or characteristic moments in the history of mankind.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that John proposes to calculate not the Number of the Beast like the parameter of its essence, but "the Number of the Beast, because the Number of Human is, i.e. the appearance of a certain Beast factor in the development of human society, which agreed almost all researchers. The Israelites at that time counted up to a thousand and, by the way, a thousand years is mentioned in the Bible repeatedly, in the 20th Chapter - six times. The closest to the solution, apparently, came Mikhail Treschalin, Professor, chief researcher, Moscow state technological University, who tried to specify the exact time limits. In the article Interpretation of the digital symbols of John the theologian he gives the first version of the translation of the 18th verse of the 13th Chapter into Slavic (Russian) language: There is a wisdom. Others like a large mind, he would think the number beast is the number human. And its number is six hundred and sixty-six. That is , the desired "Number" is written as the sum of some units, namely: six hundred (ie. six hundred), and not six hundred as the designation a certain number of in numerical sequence.

As a result of arithmetic, algebraic and numerological calculations, Mikhail Treschalin concludes: Therefore, the number - six hundred sixty-six - reflects the quality of the end of the next doubled nine-year period (18 years) and 216-year cycle. Every eighteen-year phase, from the beginning of the 108-year cycle, as well as every second 108-year cycle should end with major cataclysms. That is, the Number contains 37 eighteen-year cycles, and they are associated with the known cycle of 108 years, i.e. six cycles of 108 years plus 18-year cycle. To prove this, it is necessary to trace at specified intervals the history of Israel, which is difficult to do, due to the lack of detailed historical records. If this is a General principle of history, then this sequence of cataclysms should be manifested in the history of Russia and Russia today. But such a detailed check can be carried out only by professional experts in the actual history. The assumption that John had in mind such a complex structure of major cataclysms is doubtful, because major cataclysms do not appear so often.

In addition, the 18-year cycle is not associated with any known worldview or astrological cycle, although there is a geophysical analogue - this is the harmonic with the largest amplitude in the spectrum of nutational oscillations of the Earth's axis with a period of 18.6 years, with a possible synchronization period of 558 years. That is, the number of years is not equal to the Number of the Beast. It would be more logical to assume that the sacred cycle of 108 years should be added to the synchronization period. But this view Treschalin does not consider.

John, who knew udiciary traditional astrology, hardly, knew about the synchronization period and the existence of gravitational harmonics in 18.6 years, since the astrologers were not geophysicists. But, by implication, this relationship of the famous philosophical and astrological cycles 11, 12, 15, 20 years and 22 years is available, they all have cosmic counterparts.

But you can go the way that was advised by the English monk-Franciscan, nominalist philosopher William Occam, he suggested: we should Not multiply things unnecessarily. The researchers argue that this principle of economy was known in the time of Aristotle. Therefore, it may well have been known to John, who revealed in revelation a thorough knowledge of the old Testament, as well as, perhaps, the knowledge that, as again are suggested by the researchers of Biblical history, were gleaned by the Israeli priests in the book depositories of Babylon during the fifty-year captivity. This isoteric knowledge, too, could be borrowed from the Egyptian priests, as one community "Essenes" (saints, pious healers) was located in the time of John the theologian and Jesus in Egypt, on the shore of lake Maoris.

In hundreds of works on the study of Revelation this sacred "Number" was subjected to all possible mathematical manipulations. In particular, the list of studies of this number mentions the product of factors 9 and 74. But, as far as the author of this work knows, no one tried to analyze this option. Although it is known in Avestan astrology a circulation period of 444 years (hypothetical) planet of divine justice Asha (Washa), which is equal to the product of the numbers 74 and 6. According to Kabbalah the number 6 means the design of life, according to Jewish numerology the number 6 means six days of creation of life, Pythagoras - the creation of the world.

John, of course, was known Jewish astrology, Dating back to the Babylonian, the latter originates from the Avestian. Some historians dealing with the dynamics of migration of different peoples, came to the conclusion that in addition to the period of about 800 years, there is a period of about 400 years. That is, "orbital period" of ASHI can be called "Vedic number of the Beast" because during migrations the locals were often expelled or even exterminated.

The author has not found information that in the Avestan (Zoroastrian) astrology there is mention of the period in six hundred and sixty-six years. It is possible that the Beast Number was a numerological invention of John. But there should be some connections. And this connection exists: 6 periods of a hypothetical ASHI and 4 periods equal to the Number of the Beast are the same - 2664. And 2 periods from the Number of Beast are equal to the number of 1332, i.e. 18 cycles of 74 years. Perhaps that is why the most common translation of the Apocalypse refers to the Number of Beasts in the 18th paragraph. Perhaps John considered the period in 1332 years as a stage in the development of human society as a whole. By the way, according to Gumilev's theory , this is the time from the beginning of the passionary push (the beginning of a sharp increase in activity in the ethnic group) to the transition to a relic state. Below is the justification for the fact that John used the Biblical history, as well as the justification for the time of writing the Apocalypse.

Number 9 on the Kabbalah refers to consciousness, the base, the number of cosmic order, the Israelites, the number 9 stands for the truth, completeness, fulfillment, beginning and end, i.e. a full cycle of the process. Perhaps that is why John chose the 9th and discovered the "number of beasts" as 9 cycles of 74 years. The number 74 is the sum of the numbers 72 and 2, and 2 means balance, the unity of opposites. By the way, this period was known to Nostradamus. He predicted that the power of the red in the Northern country will last 73 years and 7 months. In the known lists of two-digit numbers of numerology, Kabbalah, and Hebrew numerology, there is no explanation of the value of the number 74. But according to the Chinese system of Feng Shui (the system of spatial harmony disharmony) the number 74 refers to death, therefore, it is advisable to browse whether the cycles for 74 years have a conflict situation in the history of Nations at the end, and especially at the end of the ninth and eighteenth cycles.

It is impossible to trace the cycle of 74 years in the history of Israel - there is no detailed data of the actual history. But the time cycle, equal to the Number of the Beast, and especially a double Number, you can try. Currently, researchers are discussing two options for the time of the Israeli Exodus from Egypt. The first option is associated with the analysis of the history of Egypt, namely, with the rule of the pharaohs-builders: Amenhotep III (1382-1344) or Ramesses II (1279-1213), so how, exactly, one or the other made semi-free Israelites - shepherds to work as slaves on construction sites. This option determines the Outcome date in the interval: 1362.- 1224. BC , and the different versions exist only in this interval.

The second option is focused on the indication of the third Book of the kingdoms, i.e. on the date of the Exodus relative to the beginning of the reign of king Solomon, namely, about 1440 BC. Geophysicists engaged in the search for a physical explanation plagues are agree with this date. Currently, they suggest that the explosion of Santorini occurred in 1447., and accordingly, the past tsunami along the coast of the South-Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea and the shore was filled with toxic ash. This event was associated with an overall increase in seismic activity, as a consequence, climatic jumps, pulsations of the earth's magnetic and electrostatic fields. These changes created unusual natural phenomena, in particular, hurricane wind and tornadoes (dust pillars).

According to the first embodiment in (1266-1262 ) there could be the storming and capture of Jericho, and all the people (and even animals) were carved except the family of the harlot Rahab who betrayed the people of Jericho. There is an explanation for this in the Bible, although it is not really known.

As for the destruction of the "inferior" Gentiles of the Moabites, as described in the old Testament, and at the same time the Midianites, when Moses brought his people to Moab - the area in North of the Dead sea, this is a particularly significant event. Its possible date will be discussed below. The Midianites, by the way, had a common ancestor of Abraham with the Israelites, but this did not stop the bloodshed. According to such interpreters of biblical stories as Adam Jones, Daniel Kirot, etc. - it happened at the level of genocide - all male Midianites and married women were killed in this region. This was done by order of Moses, who saw the threat of religious seduction of his people. There was also a rumor that the Moabites wanted to ask their priest Balaam to curse the Israelites. It was unbearable.

The Moabites, indeed, worshipped Baal-Peor (the same deity that the Dionysus of the Greeks), but the Midianites worshipped also the deity of El-Shaddai, who was worshipped by Abraham earlier. Moreover, Moses ' father-in-law Jethro was a priest of this God, but this did not correspond to the revision of faith carried out by Moses. Religious (ideological) enmity is stronger than family ties. Whether among the dead men - the Midianites, the two sons of Moses, which his wife Zipporah bore him. Zipporah was the daughter of Jethro the leader, sheltered Moses during his previous escape from the Pharaoh (probably Amenhotep III). The Old Testament is silent about this. Moses had been herding the sheep of Jethro for 40 years, and thus knew the area of southern Arabia well. And Jethro blessed him when he went to save the Israelites from slavery. In addition, Jethro gave him an advice on how to build the structure of a militarized people, breaking them into thousands and hundreds with the chiefs at the head. This was then adopted by the Romans and the Mongols, once it was tested and was effective, but how this information came to the Mongols, is unclear.

Becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Hitler did over the Jews what they may have done for 3230 years before over the Midianites, ie in 1292 BC Then, the date of the Exodus, the first option is close enough to 1312, according to the Masoretic tradition, most likely in 1324, when Moses was 68 years old, and Joshua 21 years. I. e. the Jews were not pursued by Ramses or Amenhotep, but by a young, hot-tempered and fickle Tutankhamun, which explains his hesitation on the principle of let go can not be detained and the mystery of his death after receiving injuries under the wheels of the chariot, when the waters closed, but the personal guard managed to pull him out. By the way, according to the Masoretic tradition, Moses was born in 1392. I. e. for 3330 years before 1938. ("Crystal night"- a signal to the beginning of the Holocaust), i.e. for 5 "Beast" cycles. So "historical boomerang" returns critical situations in the competition of ethnic groups. Perhaps Hitler, who had promised the Germans what Moses had promised the Jews, considered Moses his rival in the history of mankind, and he poured out Moses' rejection on all Jews.

In the second embodiment (1440 BC) the interval 1266- 1262 BC may be attributed to the time of the beating kind of Benjamin by other kinds. In the Book of Judges set out the period of life of the people, which mainly corresponds to the XIII -th century BC. Left after the death of Joshua without his leader (about 1245. BC), the people of Israel quickly forgot the commandments. Here "it is possible in more detail". As described in the Sensible Bible A.P. Lopukhin, the tribes of Israel began to live in isolation, closed, did not help each other even in the days of troubles. Immorality has flourished, and the vices of Sodom and Gomorrah have flourished in some cities. Adultery began to replace marriage. The true religion given by Moses was replaced by superstitions. Stray Levites bred. Some Levites took concubines, which was forbidden by the divine law. There was an incident with one of these concubines and a group of men from the clan of Benjamin, ended very badly.

This event brought together the rest of the clans, who came as a consolidated militia and destroyed almost the entire family of Benjamin, with the exception of a few dozen men who managed to escape into the mountains, i.e. it was genocide against the tribe of Benjamin. For both options the time of the Exodus of interval - 1266- 1262-is able to respond to the event associated with genocide.

Nebuchadnezzar II in 605 became king of Babylon. In 603 King Nebuchadnezzar conquers Judea Ioannina, 596 he leads the nobility of the Jews to Babylon headed by the high priest Jehoiakim. Then in ten years in several deportations several thousand people leave Judah - all the notables of Judah (book of Jeremiah). The Jews begin to return 50 years after the capture of Babylon by the Persian king Cyrus.

And what is the time of the Messiah of Jesus Christ? It is known that the great prophets appeared in the people when the people were in a deplorable state. So it was with the advent of Buddha, and Moses, and Mohammed, as a result of the world religions were created. Jesus was in a much more difficult situation: he had to prove that the Jews did not fulfill the law of Moses correctly from the point of view of the interests of the people in the present and future time - that is first, and secondly, it is necessary to Supplement (revision) of the law to take into account the same interests.

In addition, in the eyes of the Sadducees and Pharisees, Jesus committed sacrilege: he declared to the audience to listen to him: Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. And this was a contradiction with Orthodox Judaism-man should not strive to be compared with God. So if during the 17-year-long wanderings Jesus learned from the Buddhists in Tibet, such a thesis is understandable. That is, Buddhism proclaims the self-improvement to merge the consciousness with the divine one, and llama is translated as God-like. There is, however, the work the True word of the Roman official Celsus (170 years ), unrecognized by the official Church, in which it states that Jesus from 14 to 30 years studied with the priests in Egypt. This is quite a possible version, since in Egypt there was a community of "Essenes" (a closed sect of the first "Christians") on the shore of lake Maoris, as already mentioned. Although, his cousin, who was similar on him, could learn there. This paradoxical thought has already been expressed as an attempt to explain many inconsistencies in different Gospels. I. e., that at the same time two people - the Prophet of world scale and "revolutionary essaypreached.

Eugene Harin in the book the Sword of Jesus quotes from the Talmud: Israel was enslaved because there were twenty-four kinds of sects in the country. The rulers of Judah and the high priests held an army of informers. Josephus (Josef Ben Mattityahu), who was born four years after the execution of Christ, said in his book the Jewish war that the informers traveled throughout Palestine, and the result of their activities were expulsions, arrests, executions. Once the Romans crucified two thousand Jews in Jerusalem. When you read such lines, it becomes somehow not on itself too similar to the subsequent history of the people, up to the twentieth century.

But that's what Jesus the Prophet feared for his people in the situation there, is that the constantly smoldering armed confrontation with Rome, interrupted by uprisings, with political and sectarian discords, will lead to the third and already final deportation of the Jews. After all, he knew the history of his people. It happened in 135 after the Second Jewish war. Judea was renamed by the Romans into the province of "Syria Palestine". During the Second war, the commander Julius North destroyed 50 fortresses, destroyed 985 villages, the Romans killed 580,000 people, the promised Land was empty.

The date of commencement of the work on Revelation is not known. Most researchers are inclined to believe that he began the work in the period 66 68 , and finished in 90 96 (or finished his associates). What prompted John to create the Apocalypse? In the 66th year, the powerful revolt began (theFirst Jewish war), which at first was successful and the Israelis dealt harshly with the Greek settlers. Then, due to disagreements between the factions involved, the uprising was severely suppressed. In the 70 the city and the Temple, which surpassed all the famous temples of the Mediterranean in its beauty, were destroyed. Roman legionaries brutalized, hundreds of thousands of Israelis were killed, a large number of people died of starvation and were sold into slavery. Although, most likely, these figures are overstated, since according to historians, Jerusalem had then only 80 thousand inhabitants. And so, between the supposed date of the destruction of Jericho, which marked the beginning of the conquest of the Promised Land, and the destruction of the temple of Herod, which marked the disappearance of the Jews from Palestine, may have passed 1332 years as John noted.

But the date of the destruction of the Second temple is accurate, so let's try to count the number of the Beast and see what events correspond to those periods, including the first period interval 1262 - 596. Although, of course, the beating kind of Benjamin in 1262 (if second option is true the date of the Exodus) is pure conjecture, but the destruction of Jericho in 1262 may correspond to the chronology according to the Masoretic vowel points of the tradition that the invasion of Canaan began after the death of Moses in 1272 BC. Moreover, since John was concerned about two issues: the future of the Israeli people and the future of Christianity, it is necessary to consider both of these issues.

After all, John did not oppose Christianity to Judaism, following his mentor, he believed that Jesus simply gave the correct interpretation of the law proclaimed by Moses on behalf of God. The next period after 70 ends in 736. As for Christianity, it is gaining strength in Europe and Asia Minor. As for the Israelis, we will continue to use this name of the ethnos, there is already a rapid dissociation of the ethnos, which swept across Europe and Eurasia, there are new names of diasporas among the Israelis themselves.

The next, the fourth, cycle ends in 1402g. This year is the final formation of the Ottoman Empire under Sultan Bayezid I. In Europe, the persecution of Jews is in the full swing, in June 1391 in Toledo Jewish pogroms begin, which cover the whole country, except Granada. During the summer and autumn about 70 thousand sephards, as the Spanish Jews called themselves, were killed. The persecution ends with the adoption by the kings of Western European countries of decrees on the forced baptism of Jews and their recognition outside the law otherwise. Such laws were adopted in 1394. in France, in 1420. in Austria, in 1492. in Spain. That is, the next 1332 years brought another Holocaust.

The fifth cycle ends in 2068., perhaps, serious changes in the organization of the world Christian Church are coming. This is due to the prophecy of Nostradamus about the arrival of the third Antichrist, as well as the prediction of Isaac Newton about the end of the Christian era in 2060. That is, Newton also used a cycle in 74 years, adding to 801 (the year of the coronation of Charlemagne) 17 cycles (1258 years), 2060-the first year of the 18th cycle. Between the decree of November 2, 1789. in France, the nationalization of Church property and the same decree of January 23, 1918 in Russia passed 129 years. To prevent this interval from repeating in Europe, Christian confessions can only unite in the face of the common danger. Between the beginning of the last Holocaust 9 10 November 1938 in Germany (crystal night) and the date of birth of Moses in 1392 BC 3330 years passed, ie five Beast cycles. This cycle is simply fatal.

The sixth cycle will end in 2734, when the monk Ranyo Nero predicted global catastrophes in his book the Oracle.

The seventh cycle will end in 3400, and then the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition will end in 4066, perhaps the complete destruction of mankind, the earthly Jerusalem will be moved to the sky. This phrase of John in the modern language can be translated in this way - if the system is a process that is characterized by some leading cycle, the eighth cycle creates the conditions for the destruction of the system. It will be recalled that Nostradamus finished set out the history of civilization in the quatrains in 3797, i.e. in the middle of the eighth cycle, as he writes in a letter to his son Caesar.

Hence the Beast numbers , apparently, there are cycles of changes in the community of ideological foundations in the mass consciousness of the people, leading to the disunity of the people and internal social cataclysms. John, as a Theologian, considered the cycles of spiritual changes not only to determine the life of mankind, but also to be interrelated with all natural changes. But all the scholars of the Old Testament could not answer the question: why did God first choose the children of Israel for the mission of domination over all the Nations, and then scattered them throughout the Land where they lived among other Nations and were subjected to the Holocaust for almost 1800 years.

Moreover, this cycle, of course, manifests itself not only in the designated boundaries. There is no exact date of the beginning of the history of the Christian Church. The first Church is the Christian community in Jerusalem, organized by Jesus. But this community was created on the basis of the idea of a correct understanding of the laws of Moses and criticism of the attitudes of the Sadducees and Pharisees. The second community was organized in Antioch already only on the teaching of Christ in 38. After earthquake 37 in Antioch, the number of adherents of Christian teaching began to increase rapidly. There is a work on the life of the Apostle Peter, which directly says that he founded in 38 the first Church in Asia Minor. So 38 can be conventionally considered as the beginning of the history of the Christian Church. Then you can see how the Beast cycle affected the history of the Christian Church.

The second cycle (passed 1332) ended in 1370 The beginning of the dawn of the Renaissance literature refers to the emergence of the lyric poetry of Petrarch [end 1374] and short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio [end 1375]. In 1376 the Avignon captivity of the popes ends and Pope Gregory XI moves to Rome with 15 cardinals. In Spain, France and Germany, the fires of the Inquisition are burning, the Catholic Church, feeling the danger, begins to defend itself, even breaking the covenants of Christ. In 1370 the fortune tellers are attributed to heretics in Castile. At the same time, the movement of the Satanists that oppose themselves to Christianity, gained strength, despite the defeat of the knights Templar, and present in other orders where in the admission of new members they required to renounce Christ.

The third cycle will end in 2036., most likely, significant changes in the Christian religion are expected. The fact is that since the middle of the twentieth century, the persecution of Christians begins to grow according to the standard program: restrictions on social rights, exile, murder, closure of churches. According to the tragic statistics from the beginning of 2000 on the planet every year 100 thousand Christians are killed, Christianity has forgotten how to defend themselves. The most severe crisis of Christianity and the spread of Islam began.

In addition to radical Islam, Christianity has a more formidable enemy a kind of militant atheism, following the example of this movement in Russia in the 20s-30s of the twentieth century, only with a large Sodom sign. Even in the European fortresses of Christianity - France and Germany Christian churches are closed. In England Christians are dismissed from work for wearing crosses. Even in the stronghold of Catholicism in Poland, anti-clerics call in the hall of Parliament to remove the cross hanging on the wall. In 1966 in Walpurgis night (30 April) in California Anton Shandor La Vey founded the Church of Satan,- as a new religious doctrine. Currently, there are dozens of satanic sects, who oppose themselves to Christianity.

Now we can consider the number of Beasts in the history of old Russia and Russia. You can declare the phenomenon of the inclusion of four cycles of state and the ethnic development of the great Russian ethnic group with 1228 (according to Gumilev) 1252 in the interval of 24 years.

In 1228. - (To Alexander Yaroslavich, future Nevsky, 8 years old) - inclusion of active process of birth of passionaries (ethnically active people, on Gumilev) with a cycle, on average, in 96 years.

In 1234.- the defeat of the Livonian knights at the river Eyyamyga by Yaroslav Vsevolodovich accompanied by 14-year-old Alexander - the inclusion of a 60-year cycle characterizing the level of state efforts to maintain ethno genesis.

In 1240,- The capture and burning of Kiev by the Mongols - the inclusion of the 108-year cycle.

In 1246. - martyrdom of Prince Michael Vsevolodovich in the Horde for resistance in the Christian faith the inclusion of 84-year cycle of changes in the level of resistance of worldview in the ethnic group.

In 1252 the split between the princes, brothers Yaroslav's sons: Alexander of Novgorod (Nevsky) and Andrew of Vladimir the inclusion of a 74-year cycle the level of political controversy in the state.

Cycles of 60 years and 108 years can be called state, and cycles of 84 years and 96 years ethnic. The 74-year cycle holds a special position, as noted above. It should be noted that cycles are the intervals between the extremes of the level of a factor, and not the periods of repetition of the nature of events, i.e. during the cycle, the inversion of the nature of the event can occur (gave the territory - returned it). Periods (when the characteristic feature of a situation repeats) are, more often, two cycles in a row or even four.

1918- the end of the ninth cycle (six hundred and sixty-six years after 1252) was the beginning of the civil war in Russia, in which, according to various estimates, taking into account all the reasons, about 14 million people died and disappeared. By the end of the 20's all over the world there were about 2 million refugees from Russia. All the elite classes of the great Russian ethnos were defeated to the ground, the Russian Orthodox state ceased to exist. Moreover, for the second time in History (after the French revolution) genocide was carried out not on religious or racial grounds, but on social and ideological criteria. During the mass executions after the defeat of the KOMUCH at the end of 2018. in Samara, after the withdrawal of Wrangel's army from Crimea in the end of 2020. the reason for the shooting could be just "non-proletarian origin.

Now, it would be interesting to evaluate the impact of the cycle in 84, started with the Holy martyrdom of Prince Mikhail Vsevolodovich, who showed phenomenal spiritual fortitude in the faith in 1246.

1918 the Beginning of the ninth cycle. 26 October 1917. immediately after the seizure of power, the Bolsheviks adopted a Decree on land, which deprives the Church of all its lands. Bacchanalia of atrocities against priests of high rank begins a week after the October revolution. In response, Patriarch Tikhon wrote on January 19, 1918, the Proclamation, in which he anathematized the Bolsheviks: ome to your senses madmen. Stop your bloodshed. After all, what you do is not only a cruel thing, it is a satanic thing (here it is - this definition), for which you are subject to the fire of hell in the life of the future the afterlife and the terrible curse of posterity in the life of this earth. By the way, Fyodor Dostoevsky called professional revolutionaries demons. Unfortunately, the Bolsheviks did not believe.

23 January 1918. the Decree on the separation of Church and state is adopted, the Church loses the right of a legal person and loses all its property. Immediately began the most severe persecution of the clergy. May 1, 1919. Lenin wrote Instructions Dzerzhinsky: In accordance with the decision of the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars it is necessary to put an end to priests and religion as soon as possible. The priests should be arrested as contra-revolutionaries and saboteurs, shot mercilessly and everywhere. And as much as possible. The churches are to be closed. The premises of the temples are sealed and turned into warehouses. By 1938 The Patriarchal Church was almost completely destroyed. These data are well known. But the author cites them in order to precede the following reasoning.

During the civil war since 1918. on 1922. thousands of priests were killed. The numbers are varied according to different studies, but this number is quite large. But the essence of the problem is not that, the number of victims in ideological strife (including religious) has always been great in the past history of Europe and Asia. The problem is, who hated the Russian Church so much? Destruction of the clergy was accompanied by, literally, a pagan atrocities (the massacre in St. George, Bohodukhiv), they were similar to the killings of Jews defending the temple in 70th year and in relation to Christians in Rome who were persecuted by wild beasts in the Roman circuses at the time of Nero. On the one hand Bolsheviks were sincere atheists, in 1925 was established Union of militant atheists. There were several religious confessions In Russia, and massacres were only over Orthodox Christian priests.

The curse of Patriarch Tikhon came true none of the organizers of the repression of priests during the civil war (except those who escaped) did not survive until 1940. Since 1924 on 1939 it was repressed about 20 thousand employees of state security, including a number of senior officials of the Cheka, who were the inspirers of the red terror. In July-August 1938 it was carried out a mass extrajudicial execution of previously repressed party leaders, NKVD officers, the leaders of the Comintern, etc., according to some, 681692 people. In some cases, the families of those convicted during the purges were also subjected to reprisals.

Thus, for 20 years (since 1918. on 1938). from the end of the First World war to the beginning of the Second World war a spiritual crisis quickly developed in the geographical area of Europe, which gave rise to a bloody paradoxical situation. In Western Europe, fascists in the alliance or with the tacit consent of the Catholic and Protestant churches killed Jews and Communists. And in Russia the Communists, including leadership were Jews, killed Orthodox priests and looted a Church. Sometimes it happened at the same time. And the entire 30-year cycle since 1914 on 1944 is possible to call the madness of ideological contradictions in mass consciousness of "the Granny Europe" in full accordance with Gumilev's theory.

- 2002 - the end of the ninth cycle, the beginning of the tenth one - 756 years have passed since the feat in the name of the faith of Mikhail Vsevolodovich, the revival of the Orthodox Church began, a new round of the cycle, which can be called "the Number of the Human."

Now let's see how the Number of People affected the history of Eurasia.

The victorious March of Rome began in 274. after the conquest of the entire Peninsula after the end of the Pyrrhic war (280 - 275 BC). If counting from the start date of the "Roman cycle," although it was not the first in the post-flood history of civilization, the end of the first cycle 482, It marked the beginning of the return of the Roman lands captured by the Goths, the lands of Christian Byzantium.

The beginning of the third cycle (1512 years) is 1238. This year, after the Mongols conquered Central Asia, they moved to Europe - Baty attacked the North-Western principalities of Kievan Russia. Consequences are described in hundreds of monographs and articles. The Tatar haplogroup of the Y chromosome is found throughout Eastern Europe. Russia paid tribute to the Horde for 240 years. In 1242 the Mongols moved to Asia minor. There is a saying - "if God acts according to the plan, He realizes it in the precisely appointed year".

The beginning of the fourth cycle in 756 years falls on 1994. 25 April 1991. the capital of Sudan, Khartoum, hosted the Islamic-Arab people's conference, which was attended by radical Islamist parties and organizations from 50 countries. The main objective of the conference was to achieve Islamic solidarity in all countries. Since 1992. Islamic radicals are waging a terrorist war in the middle East and North Africa. In 1996. Turkish Prime Minister Erbakan calls to oppose the seven industrialized countries to the eight Asian Muslim countries, creating its "NATO" and "its UN". Hence, 1994 year can be conventionally considered the Central year of the beginning of the Muslim-Arab rapid ethnic upsurge, which according to long-standing predictions will determine the history of Eurasia in the 21st century.

Thus, the cycle Number of the Beast can be added to the cycle Number of the Human, namely, the number of 756 years (9 "numbers of life" to 84 years in "uranium" astrology), that is, the interval of global ethnic movements, which is visible, at least in the history of Eurasia. Nine cycles of 96 years, namely 864 years, determine the interval of development of passionarity in the ethnic group, it can be called "the Number of Ethnos". Nine cycles of 108 years is 972 years and defines the limit for the existence of empires, i.e. this is the "Number of Powers". From the point of view of numerology, all these Numbers are identical, since the sum of the digits of their components is equal to eighteen.

Pythagoreans believed that "numbers control the World", in fact, the World is controlled by space cycles. The cycle of spiritual stability of the ethnic group, which determines the state of the mass psyche and the ideological cohesion in 84. almost equal to the period of circulation of Uranium, equal to 84.01 years. State cycle changes in the level of the internal contradictions within the ethnic group 74 is a quarter of the observation period a total Solar Eclipse in a certain place of the Earth, due to incomplete coincidence of the plane of the moon's orbit with plane of Earth's orbit (according to Feng Shui- the number of death). In the same time it is also - the number of areas in the plane of the Ecliptic, if you projected on it 9 loops, described by the barycenter of the Sun during its rotation around the barycenter of the entire Solar system for the "solar year" (updated value 178.73 ). Here we meet with the still misunderstood identity of spatial and temporal changes in the cosmic vacuum, where time and space are inseparable.

13 cycles of 74 years, i.e. 962 years, or the Number of Powers - 972 years, determine the deadline for high activity of super-ethnos, and accordingly, the Empire. So in 486 BC in Rome It was finally issued a Union Treaty (Treaty of Cassia) between the cities of the Latin Union and the Roman Republic, determining the coordination of military issues and legal relations. This date may well be taken as a starting point for the creation of the Empire. After 962 years (476) in Rome, the last Emperor Romulus Augustus was displaced, the Western Roman Empire ceased to exist. With 476. Byzantium turned from the Autonomous Eastern province into a sovereign Empire, and falled down in 1453, so 977 years have passed. The accuracy of such a long cycle is fantastic. The above cycles can predict the future more accurately than the astrological maps of the geocentric motion of the planets. But in order to synthesize the forecast for any year, it is necessary to have a weighting comparison function, i.e. coefficients of influence of the Past on the Future for different cycles. The work on the synthesis of such a function is huge enough to be taken by one person, a team is needed.


As for the history of the Exodus, which certainly influenced both the future of the Front Asia and Europe, in General, the debates of the Old Testament researchers do not cease to this day, and even a network of institutions (basic 12) of Biblical history has been created. Amenhotep III ruled Egypt from 1382 till 1344. According to the Masoretic tradition, Moses was born in 1392 (all dates BC). You can see how the biblical information about Moses lays on the chronology of the reign of the pharaohs. It turns out that Moses was born under his predecessor - Thutmose IV. Under Amenhotep III, he committed the murder of an Egyptian overseer and was forced to flee. He's already managed to obtain automatically (as adopted son of the Pharaoh) a certain priestly dignity and worked as a captain, i.e. he had to be at least 20 years old. I.e. it was about 1372 when he had to run from Amenhotep, which issued an order for his arrest.

For forty years he lived Madianites, after which he returned to Egypt in about 1333, that is, at the age of about 60 years, conceding the reign of Akhenaten. Akhenaten made a revision of the canonical faith, and accordingly, began a "covert" civil war between the adherents of the old faith and those who agreed with the revision. Rumors about this could well reach Moses, as merchants with goods at all times traveled between States. The year before (in 1332) 10-year-old Tutankhamun ascended the throne, what was regarded by Moses as a convenient circumstance for his planned Outcome.

Because Pharaoh was a minor , he was assigned the advisors (Regents) - vizier ay and Horemheb, the military commander. When Moses and Aaron began to seek the agreement of the young Pharaoh on the return of the Israelites to their native land, namely, the circumstance of lack of a clear Central authority gave rise to the dilemma - "can not let go!". In addition, Horemheb said that he only can keep the temper of the young Pharaoh. All these factors fit very well into the description of the vicissitudes in the interaction between Moses and Pharaoh before the Exodus. And now the Outcome took place, Pharaoh's army caught up with the Israelites have already passed to the other side. The Pharaoh should be ahead in battle, but on a punitive expedition he could be at the end of a column drawn into the passage, along with the priests. When the water closed chariot overturned near the shore, Pharaoh fell under the wheels of the next, but personal protection managed to pull him out. The waters couldn't close instantly. This happened either at the end of 1324 or at the beginning of 1323.

Sphinxes on the University embankment, St. Petersburg, established in 1832. stood before the tomb of Amenhotep III, and the bad fame of their influence went almost immediately - "the curse of the pharaohs." And another coincidence with the Number of Beasts. In 1332, after Tutankhamun's ascension to the throne, the Holy Family was forced to flee to Egypt. That is, after two cycles of forced return.

So the Apocalypse, as it is often said now, is "back to the future."

St. Petersburg, November 2015.

Copyright: Vladimir Nikanorov, 2015

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